Secret to Success

Henrietta Mears was one of the most influential Christian educators of the 20th century. She believed that anything was possible with Gods supernatural power at work within her. Henrietta influenced thousands of high school and college students to become passionate for God and His Word. Hundreds of those young people went into full time Christian ministry – including Dr. Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Mears knew that the secret to spiritual success was to live a holy life. Thats why she had a passion for her students to know the Word of God intimately. “If you want to be pure,” she advised others, “saturate yourself with the Word of God.” Mears herself spent many hours each day studying, and memorizing Scripture. God used Henrietta to personally touch thousands of lives, all over the world. And her success was a result of her deep commitment to holiness and the Word of God.

God wants to do powerful, exciting things through your life, too! But first and foremost he says, “Be holy, as I am holy.” As you spend time in the Bible, His words will purify your heart and mind. Then, in His timing, He will launch you out in powerful ways to reach your world for Jesus Christ!

Your Family

Theres a wonderful promise in the Old Testament that I came to understand when I was a young boy. The promise is found in Genesis 26:6. God says to Abraham, “Through your descendants all the nations on earth will be blessed.”

When I read that as a boy, I remember thinking, This is something I can pray for my own kids someday! So, as my wife and I started our family, we prayed that prayer for each of our four boys. We said, “Lord, through these boys, please bless all the nations of the world.”

Now, there were some rough years. One of our sons, Andrew, took a big spiritual hike for about 13 years. We experienced a lot of sadness. But we kept praying, “Lord, bless the nations of the world through our boys.” And praise God, Andrew did finally surrender his life to Jesus Christ!

Now, hes an evangelist – sharing the Good News all around the world. In fact, each one of our boys is serving the Lord in different capacities. Its thrilling to watch how God has answered that prayer of ours!

So, dream great dreams for your family. No matter where your kids are right now with the Lord, dont despair. Pray for your children by name, asking God to bless the nations of the world through them. The Lord will hear, and answer!

The Bible: God’s Written Revelation

In a recent conversation I had with an atheist friend of mine, he said, “The Bible is good literature. Integrating Hebrew, Greek and Roman culture, it abounds in beautiful prose, proverbs and poems. What is more, he continued, it has formulated many ethical standards for many people, then and now.”

My friend is exactly right! He understands the essential meaning of the Bible from the writers perspective. But what distinguishes a Christians belief about the Bible from an atheists is that we see the Bible as part of Gods total revelation to man.

God is personal, having created us humans to be in relationship with Himself. And because He is invisible, He chose to reveal Himself in written form through the Bible. Christians believe the Bible is inspired by God.

That even as human authors wrote freely, God made sure the end result was everything He wanted us to know about Him. Thats why we call it inerrancy- it has no errors. In the book of II Samuel in the Bible, it says, “the word of God is flawless.” The more we study it, the better we get to know God and His ways.

Let God reveal something new about Himself to you. Dig in to His flawless Word today. It does NOT disappoint and you will be very spiritually motivated!

Lonely without the Creator

I recently had a conversation with an atheist who disagreed when I suggested that atheists are lonely people. He questioned me, saying, “How do you know this?” He had a good point. I cannot say that every atheist is empty in every area of life- of course not. But I do know that spiritually, every atheist is empty.

An atheist can be lonely because he is very much on his own if he doesnt have a connection with His Creator. There is a certain lack of peace of mind and heart until you know where you came from and where youre going. Your spirit is dead even though body and soul are functioning.

John Paul Sartre, the atheist French philosopher, said, “Man is alone, abandoned to his own destiny.” Thats an expression of a person who doesnt know God- Sartre didnt know God. But if you know God, you have a purpose! Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Who in your life is spiritually empty? Ask God to reveal someone to you today. Then, reach out to this person! Only Jesus can fill their void of loneliness. You and I know this to be true. And we know people who havent accepted this truth, dont we.

Respect them in their unbelief, but encourage them to remain open to Gods prompting. Encourage them to read the Gospel of John in particular, and say, if you really want to know God, you will find Him very quickly.

Be Patient!

If youve had the joy of leading someone to faith in Jesus Christ, you know its one of the most thrilling experiences on earth! Knowing that another soul has entered into the Kingdom of God gives you an excitement that is beyond words! And you can begin encouraging this new believer in their faith. Now, as you begin the discipleship process, its so important to practice patience. Often we want to see someones bad habits changed overnight. We get discouraged when a new believer isnt as spiritually mature as we think they should be. But even though its important to encourage a new child of God to grow, its also important to practice patience. The reality is that it takes each of us time to mature in the Lord. I accepted the Lord as my Savior as a 12 year old boy. And even though it was a very real commitment, I didnt really begin living the Christian life in its fullness until I was 17. You see, its Gods Holy Spirit that brings the growth, not you or me. In First Corinthians 3:6 Paul says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.” So yes, keep encouraging and praying for your friend. But also, let them learn, and grow, in Gods perfect timing.