Taking Advantage of the Now

A girl who works for our team is an amazing inspiration when it comes to reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus. Before joining our team, she spent several months working at a coffee shop. She could have easily just gone to work, and put in her time until a new, better opportunity presented itself. But she didnt. She took full advantage of where God had her at that moment- for that season of her life.

She made a list of all her co-workers who didnt know Jesus and made a plan for how to reach each one of them. One co-workers she chose to shared the Good News with was only 19, and the initial response was, “Nobody has ever talked to me about this before.” Her co-worker was so appreciative that someone cared enough to share.

What a good example for all of us. She was in-between jobs. She was working temporarily until something else opened up. But it was not just a bump in the road to her. She knew that God had her there for a reason- and that her co-workers souls were on the line. Do you have that same sense of purpose? Even in less than ideal circumstances? Paul says that because of our hope “we are very bold.” Are you bold?