Questions Children ask and the Right Biblical Answers

Will We Have Our Own House To Live In?

Yes. The Bible says in John 14:2
In My Fathers house are many mansions . . .
I go to prepare a place for you.

Jesus said this to His friends, and to us. In this verse the Fathers House He is talking about is Heaven and it tells us that there are many Mansions, or Rooms that Jesus is going to prepare for us.

Since God is so creative I would imagine that Heaven will be filled with houses that are as unique as each of us. And the Bible says that God knows the desires of our hearts, so if youre a country boy or a city girl at heart God knows that, and Im sure when you see the place He has made just for you, it will be even more perfect for you then you ever imagined, it will be Home.

Will We Learn New Things In Heaven?

Yes. Some people seem to think that well know everything when we get to Heaven, but how boring would it be to know everything, if we never had to learn, and everybody else knew everything that you know. The Bible says God will be continuing to show us things, this means that we will forever be learning new things! What would you like to learn to do? Ride a Horse? Play the Piano, or some other instrument?

We wont have to worry about taking too long, or running out of things to do or learn, we will have FOREVER to do it, and more places to go and more things to do than can ever be done!

Will We Eat In Heaven?

Yes! The Bible talks many times about meals we will share together in heaven. It also talks about fruit trees and Rivers. Isaiah 25:6 talks about Gods Angels setting a table for everyone to eat with the Finest Food and Drinks!
Jesus said at the lastsupper He had with His Friends before He died for us, that He would not drink wine again until He drinks it with us at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, thats one of the many meals the Bible says thatwe will all share together when we get to Heaven.

Now, when you think of a meal what do you think of? If youre like me, I think about DESSERTS! I know that God promises to give us better things than we could ever think of, so if you get to Heaven and want some Oreo cookie ice cream or some chocolate cake I cant imagine that it wouldnt be there, hey, maybe I can have some with you!

When We Go To Heaven Will We Remember Our Life On Earth?

Yes. In the Bible, Revelation 6 talks about Martyrs, that means people who were killed because of their love and belief in Jesus. These peopleclearly remembered their life on Earth and asked God questions about their life on Earth and when God was going to punish the people who killed them. If they remembered that part of their life, Im sure they remembered all of it.

In fact, since God is going to make us perfect when we get there, we should be able to remember things even better than we do now! Just imagine never forgetting someones name, or forgetting where you left your favorite toy at. Maybe well even realize how God and His Angels helped us while we were here on Earth and we didnt even know it!

Can People In Heaven Still See Us Here On Earth?

Yes. People in Heaven may not pay attention to every little thing thats going on back here on Earth, but theyre sure to be keeping an eye on some things, especially when it comes to people they were close to like family and friends.

Cant you just see your Grandpa watching your softball game from Heaven? Telling his new friends who may be watching it with him, Yep, that my grandkid!

I believe they can, Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by a huge cloud of witnesses. These are the Christians who have died and are now with Jesus in Heaven. Theyappear to be looking from Heaven, cheering for us to do whats right!

And Jesus definitely knows whats going on in our lives. After all, He is God, and God knows and sees everything, all the time! Isnt it nice to know someones looking outfor us?!