Obedience in the Moment

The book of Acts, chapter 8, tells us one of the most miraculous evangelistic accounts in the Bible! It starts in verse 26: An angel of the Lord said to Philip, Go south on the road the desert road that goes south from Jerusalem to Gaza. So [Philip] started out When Philip arrived on the desert road, he found an Ethiopian eunuch reading the book of Isaiah.

But this man was confused – he needed someone to explain the Scriptures to him. So Philip described that Isaiah was actually prophesying about Jesus Christ. Immediately, the Ethiopian believed in the Lord, and asked to be baptized!

Thats a powerful story isnt it? Yet the Ethiopians conversion wouldnt have happened if Philip didnt listen – and obey – the voice of the Lord. No excuses. No hesitation. When the angel told Philip to go, he went!

God has amazing victories in store for us if we simply listen to His voice, and obey. So lets you and I spend time in Gods Word! Lets talk with Him in prayer! Then, when He prompts us to witness to our world, well be ready to do it!

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