Crucify the Flesh

Why does it seem that some believers suddenly turn away from God? I believe one of the biggest reasons Christians fall away from Jesus is because of un-confessed sin.

Without keeping a clear conscience before the Lord, its easy to drift away from the faith. You become hardened to the Spirit of God, and eventually you stop listening to His voice altogether. Sin blinds you and enslaves you. Its a horrible place to be!

Perhaps this describes your situation. Are you struggling with a sin thats keeping you from a right relationship with God? If so, Galatians 5 gives a very clear remedy. Verse 26 says, “Those who belong to Christ have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires.”

If you belong to Jesus, then theres only one thing to do with the flesh: Crucify it. Get rid of it. Be ruthless. Dont play games. Deal with your sins once and for all by crucifying them on the cross.

That means you admit your sin to God, repent, ask forgiveness, and turn the other way. Ask the Holy Spirit for strength and He will help you! By crucifying the flesh, you will be empowered to live what Jesus calls the abundant life. Your life will be a powerful witness to your world of Gods forgiveness and grace.

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