Will We Have Toys In Heaven?

Of course we will. God made us with a playful side! Even when we get grown up we still like to play games. There is no reason why we won’t still have toys in Heaven, as long as they are not something that would be disrespectful to God.

They may be anything from Building Blocks, Video Games, Dolls and Doll Houses, Legos, to other games like, playing Dress Up, Hide and Seek, Chase, Tag. You can go Swimming or play games you didnt even know existed yet!

And because well all have new bodies that wont get tired, maybe some grown ups can join in with you. How would you like to play a game of Baseball or Football with your Mom or Dad? Maybe even some of your favorite Bible story friends will play too, like, Adam and Eve, Mary, Paul, Jonah, or Rebecca.You could go Water skiing with Peter, hes had a little practice walking on water! Or maybe you will go Horseback riding or go to an amusement park with friends you havent even met yet. And why not? Dont you think that people who like to build things will still enjoying building things just as much on the New Earth? Things like Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, and Carousels. I know Ill still enjoy riding them! The possibilities of what things well be doing are ENDLESS!

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