Tamil Bible (Electronic Tamil Bible) – Tamil eBible Software

Download the Electronic Tamil Bible in your computer and make use of all the benefits it can offer freely for you.

Tamil Bible Features :

  • Whole Bible – search the selected text in the whole Bible
  • Old Testament – search the selected text in the Old Testament
  • New Testament – search the selected text in the New Testament
  • Current Book – search the selected text in the Current Book/Chapter
  • Copy & Paste selected or All text to .txt/.rtf files
  • Tamil and English dual view to compare
  • Verse Search and List verse
  • And more …..


31 replies
  1. THAMBURAJAN M says:

    this s my first visit to this site,,if there is any more hidden features kindly inform me… praise the lord… In God THAMBURAJAN M

  2. JR joshua says:

    I am new to this web.i need more informations about this pls mail me.thank u for ur service .wish u all success.praise the lord.

  3. Rickyraj says:

    Thank you. It is really good to have a tamil bible for reference on the computer. May the Lord bless you for your endevour.

  4. ravi teja says:

    this is first time iam visiting this
    site its tooooo good if its possibel
    send the bibel news every day 2 my
    mail address, lord will give more chanceses to
    serve in this way praise the lord nd thank you


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