Celebrate the Miricle

One day, over 2,000 years ago, God came to earth to live among us. Even more unexpected is the first picture we see. No flaming chariots brought God into the world, and no royal entourage greeted Him. God entered the world as a helpless baby named Jesus.

Even though we celebrate this miracle every Christmas and wonder at the mystery of it, many people don’t really believe it. And yet, if God is God, He can take upon Himself a human body.

Jesus Christ was no ordinary human. He was God become man. He was born of the virgin Mary by the miracle of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not evolve from history; He came into history from the outside. He is the highest and holiest entering the lowest and lowliest.

The reason for our great joy at Christmas is, as Luke tells us, “a Savior has been born to you.” But your friends and family must know Jesus Christ, the Savior, before they can experience this great joy. Won’t you share this with someone today?

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