Andrew Palau: Redeeming the Past

I lived a wild and crazy life before surrendering to Jesus Christ. I was selfish, foolish, and near-sighted. Though I’m certainly not proud of that season, I can see how God used those experiences for His ultimate good. My story has resonated with others. Because of it, they’ve heard the Good News. God does that. He takes our past, whether good or bad, and allows it to be a platform to reach people.

Another example of that is King David. Before David became King he was just a shepherd boy. He faithfully did his job, day after day after day. When the Philistine army came, King Saul needed someone to fight Goliath. David responded by saying that, as a shepherd, he fought lions and bears and God rescued him. Now he would fight Goliath, knowing that God would rescue him again. God used David’s past of faithfully tending the sheep to prepare him for battling Goliath and a future as the King.

Is your past one of rebellion like mine? Or, is your past one of faithfully doing your job like David? Regardless, God wants to take the experiences that you’ve had and the choices that you’ve made to reach others. There isn’t a past that He can’t redeem and use for a glorious future. Ask God to show you how He wants to use your story for His glory. Then, step into the marvelous future that awaits.

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