Never Give Up

As a young man, I was excited about preaching the Good News. I prayed, I studied, I preached, but felt frustrated by lack of results. No one was coming to Jesus Christ. The day came when I decided I didnt have the gift of evangelism and determined never again to preach the Good

Soon after my decision, the small church I attended held a home Bible study. The teacher never showed up and, though unprepared, I was recruited. I read Matthew 5:1-12, then repeated whatever I remembered from a book by Billy Graham I had been reading.

When I read “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God,” a woman stood up. Crying, she said, “My heart is not pure. How can I see God? Somebody tell me how I can get a pure heart.” How delightful it was to lead her to Jesus Christ!

You may think your words have little, if any, influence on others. Dont give up. Keep on witnessing and praying. You are planting seeds. And one day, that seed will be ready to harvest and someone will cry out to you, “How can I see God?”

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