Speak Well of God’s Son

Two young men stood shivering in the cold, ignoring the vulgarities being flung at them. The crowd, most of them drunk, refused to listen to their message of Jesus Christ.

Finally, Frederick S. Arnot, with tears running down his face, acknowledged defeat. He and his friend turned to leave. Suddenly a tall, elderly man grabbed Arnots shoulder, smiled warmly and said quietly, “Keep at it, laddie; God loves to hear men speak well of His

With that encouragement, the two Scottish lads squared their shoulders and returned. It wasnt long before the rowdy crowd began to pay attention to the message the boys wanted to share.

God loves to hear men and women speak well of His Son. Yet how easy it is for us to become silent, ineffective ambassadors for Christ! Do you speak well of Gods Son? Dont let discouragement or lack of results stand in the way. Pray as the apostle Paul did that you will “fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.”

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