Not Ashamed

I have a buddy who is a Jewish Christian. He became a believer many years ago when he went to college and he heard a great Jewish evangelist speak. So this man was converted and he was determined to become a missionary. He went back home to collect money for his first mission trip. But suddenly, he became embarrassed and ashamed of letting the Jewish community in his particular city know that he was a follower of Jesus Christ.

He was embarrassed that Jesus was his Savior and his Messiah, so he never truly lived his life for the Lord. He became one of those “closet” Christians we all know. Now, years later, this man is on his death bed, and feels his life has been a waste.

Jesus said in Luke 9:26, “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory.”

You and I have a choice every day whether or not to be ashamed of Jesus Christ. No one wants to come to the end of his life and think its been a waste. But only living a life that counts for Christ will make that life worthwhile.

Are you ashamed of Jesus? If so, ask the Lord to forgive you. Its never too late to ask for a new beginning with God! He will give you a passion for Him thats so powerful, it will overflow onto those around you.

The Promise

The promise of the Messiah was made hundreds of years before he ever came. There were a few who believed, and they were waiting for Him. Among them were Simeon and Anna. The experts say Simeon was way into his 80s. And Anna was 84. They were getting pretty old! But they spent every single day in the temple in Jerusalem, praying and waiting, waiting, waiting.

People no doubt mocked them. You can imagine everybody saying, “Yeah, yeah, youre going to see the Messiah. Sure, youre going to hold him in your arms, Simeon.” But Simeon and Anna didnt waver in unbelief. And one day they were rewarded for their faithfulness. The Messiah did finally come into the temple. Simeon did hold Him in his arms as a baby. What an incredible day that must have been!

Weve got to be faithful, too. We cant give in to those jeering voices in our heads that keep us from proclaiming Jesus Christ! And one day we, too, will be rewarded for our faithfulness. Those who are here on Earth waiting for the Messiah will see Him come again.

Revelation 1:7 says, “Look, he is coming in the clouds, and every eye will see him.” What a glorious day that will be and weve got to tell people about it. Many people have no idea that Jesus is coming again and those who love Him will go home to be with Him in heaven.