The Spiritual Battle

Did you know that if youre actively sharing your faith then you are on the front-line of a battle? Its a purely spiritual battle, but its real. The weapons are real. The enemy is real. And, the battle for eternal souls is a battle that is worth fighting.

The Bible says that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.”

What does that mean? It means our perspective is limited. We think that we struggle against things we touch and see. Instead, the Bible says that its the SPIRITUAL war were experiencing. On one side is Satan trying to turn people away from God. On the other side is God seeking to reconciling people to Himself through the cross of His son Jesus Christ.

If you follow Jesus today, you are on Gods side. God wants to use you to expand His Kingdom. But, Christians are NOT free from the battle. Christians simply know they are fighting on the winning side. (Because God already reigns victorious!)

The question is: How hard are you fighting? Are you a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness? Are you telling other people about Jesus? Are you fighting the battle for eternal souls? Its worth it!

Freedom from Sins

I have a friend in England named Jim Perry. Jim and his wife

Veronica are believers, and love the Lord Jesus. But it wasnt always that way.

Jim was into the occult for many years. At times he wanted to get out, but didnt know how. Jim was miserable, haunted by the things done at the satanic gatherings.

Then, Jim met Veronica, who was a serious follower of Jesus. Jim says that Veronica had a peace about her that he had been searching for for years.

So when Veronica invited Jim to hear me speak at a stadium in London, Jim accepted. That night, Jim heard about the forgiveness and love that Christ offers – even to the vilest offender as he called himself.

On his second visit, Jim decided to trust Jesus Christ as His Savior, and he finally received peace from God and liberation from demonic forces and perversions.

Jesus offers that same peace to you and me this Easter season. Because He rose from the grave and is alive today, He has the power to forgive and purify us and set us free. Theres no more guilt, no more shame.

Psalm 34:5 says “Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered in shame.”

If youve never opened your heart to Christ, I hope that youll do it this Easter season. Remember, Jesus Chris is alive, and He offers you complete peace with God. Isnt that what youre searching for?

A Repentant Heart

Many times people feel they cant share their faith because they arent free from the slavery of their own sin – whether its past or present. They think, Im unworthy. Ive got stuff in my life that needs clearing up. Who am I to tell someone else about the Lord? Thats why we need to always be reminded about the importance of repentance.

Jesus wants to use us in powerful ways in other peoples lives. That starts with us first coming clean before Him and experiencing the freeing power of His forgiveness. Remember King David? In Psalm 51 he confesses his sins of adultery and murder before the Lord. Its a great Psalm to read when were struggling with sin because its full of hope.

In verse 10 David talks about a new beginning. He says, “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” I love that verse. Isnt that what we all really want, deep down?

A truly repentant person says, O God, its my heart. Its my inmost being that needs a touch. Make me more like you, Lord, that I would love holiness, and hate sin, and lead others to your Cross. Thats what Davids praying about here. Thats also what we should pray so God can use us in exciting ways for His Kingdom.

The Joy of Salvation

Have you ever lost the joy of your salvation? King David certainly had! In Psalm 51 we see David repenting of his sins, and he ends this section with an appeal, O God, grant me a willing spirit. In other words, incline my heart to obey you, Lord. And then he says, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation.” King David had lost the joy because of his sin.

Having a joyful heart is an essential part of sharing the Good News — you have to truly believe its good in order to convince someone else of it! But I think many Christians today have lost the joy of knowing Jesus because of un-confessed sin. So let me ask you: Are you rejoicing in the Lord today? Are you truly happy in your heart? Are you free from your sins? Are you enjoying all the good things that God has for you, all the beauties of why its called “the Good News”?

If you are rejoicing, thats wonderful. But if you arent, then take time and let the Lord cleanse you today. Ask Him if theres an area in your life that needs to be settled, and then settle it right. Then the Lord can use you to spread the Gospel, because youll finally believe, yourself, that its good news!

Helping Sinners

This week weve been looking at the importance of repentance when it comes to sharing our faith. Psalm 51 is a beautiful psalm by King David that depicts what true repentance looks like. It reveals a person with a broken and contrite spirit. And whats the result of this type of repentance? Evangelism!

David ends the Psalm by saying: “Then I will teach transgressors your ways, and sinners will turn back to you.” Remember, David has already confessed his sin, hes pointed the finger only at himself; hes pleaded for forgiveness. Now, he looks forward to the future. Davids thinking, Lord, youve done something amazing for me. Now I will help others turn back to you.

You know, a truly forgiven person wants other people to know God the way they know him. Once youve been forgiven and set free, you almost cant help but tell everyone around you about Gods amazing grace. Youll want others to experience that same forgiveness and freedom.

Do you love the lost and want them in the kingdom of God? When youve been repentant and your conscience is clear and youre singing again, you too will say, Lord, Ill help sinners turn back to you. Its a prayer God longs to hear!