Ready to Die

NBC Television had an excellent reporter named David Bloom. In 2003, he was covering the war in Iraq. David was a young guy, in his thirties, with a wife and three daughters – in the prime of life.

But one day while he was in a tank reporting, he collapsed, and died on the spot. Later they found out he had a pulmonary embolism – a blood clot that had lodged in his heart. No one could have guessed that it was coming. What a shock! So young!

But thankfully, when he died, David was ready. Two years before his sudden death he had given his life to Jesus with the help of some friends who I know in Connecticut. They get together every Friday morning to pray and to do a Bible study, and thats where David became a Christian.

Jesus rose from the dead! He gives us confidence that one day all believers will join Him in Heaven! In John 14:3 Jesus says, “I am going [to Heaven] to prepare a place for you.”

Thats where David Bloom is today. What about you? Like David, you never know when your time on earth will end. Its usually a big surprise! Thats why you need to be ready for that day by accepting Jesus Christ into your heart and life immediately.

Why wait? Do you know Him as your Savior? Are you sure that you have eternal life? If not, why dont you settle things right now and open your heart to the Lord today?

What Does It Mean To Store Up Treasure in Heaven?

Did you know that you can save up treasure in Heaven?

Jesus said in Matthew 6:19-21 Dont store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

So, whats that mean? Well, do you have a piggy bank in your room? Maybe youre putting money in it to save for something you want to buy like a new video game, doll, or lego set, you may not spend money on other things, like a candy bar or a soda because you want to save all your money for that new toy! Many people work only to buy more and more things, but when we die we wont be able to take any of our things with us to Heaven.

Now, having Stuff isnt a bad thing, but God wants us to be more interested in things that will last FOREVER! So you may wonder, What will last forever?

Our friendship with Jesus and friendships that we make here on Earth will be things that last forever. Just think, if you have a friend here on Earth and you tell them about Jesus and how He wants to save them from their sin too, and you help them to know Jesus, then you and they will be friends forever in Heaven!

Maybe you can play hide and seek, or build sand castles together on a beach, or even go exploring with them on some other planet! The more friends you take with you to Heaven, the more exciting it will be for all of you when you get there!

Besides the friends we will take with us, we can lay up treasure in heaven by doing other things like giving out tracts that tell people about Jesus or giving money to help send Bibles or missionaries to other countries so they can tell people about Jesus.We canhelp older people we know with chores that may be too hard for them to do any more like taking out the trash, carrying in grocery bags, or mowing the yard. You can put on a play about a Bible story for your family, or buy a Christmas gift for another kid whose parents cant afford to get them anything this year . . . you get the idea.

Jesus really just wants us to help each other and tell others how to get to Heaven, and by doing this He says He will reward us when we get to Heaven. He doesnt really say what He will give us, but we can only imagine how wonderful agift would be thatGod made special, just for us!

Now that youve heard about Heaven,
Jesus, and what Hes done for us so we can get there,
I hope you will trust Jesus with your life.

Remember all you have to do is believe and trust Him, talk to Him,
and try your best to do what you know is right so you can make Him proud.

Will We Explore Outer Space?

Weve talked a lot about the New Earth, but the Bible actually says that God will make a New Heavens and a New Earth.

Now, the way people thought and wrote back when the Bible was written, the Heavens meant the sky, the stars and moon and planets and galaxies! So, when the Bible says that God will make a New Heavens, that means that Hes going to make New everything that is out there in space!

Would you like to go explore it? Well why not? If we have astronauts that can go to the moon now, just wait until we have our new bodies and minds that can understand so much more than we do now. There will be no limit as to what we can do and where we can go!

Maybe youll be the first to walk on planets like Mars or Jupiter. And because the universe is always expanding maybe you and some of your friends can explore a galaxy that doesnt even exist yet. Then you can come back to the New Earth and tell everyone about it!

When We Go To Heaven Will We Remember Our Life On Earth?

Yes. In the Bible, Revelation 6 talks about Martyrs, that means people who were killed because of their love and belief in Jesus. These peopleclearly remembered their life on Earth and asked God questions about their life on Earth and when God was going to punish the people who killed them. If they remembered that part of their life, Im sure they remembered all of it.

In fact, since God is going to make us perfect when we get there, we should be able to remember things even better than we do now! Just imagine never forgetting someones name, or forgetting where you left your favorite toy at. Maybe well even realize how God and His Angels helped us while we were here on Earth and we didnt even know it!

Can People In Heaven Still See Us Here On Earth?

Yes. People in Heaven may not pay attention to every little thing thats going on back here on Earth, but theyre sure to be keeping an eye on some things, especially when it comes to people they were close to like family and friends.

Cant you just see your Grandpa watching your softball game from Heaven? Telling his new friends who may be watching it with him, Yep, that my grandkid!

I believe they can, Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by a huge cloud of witnesses. These are the Christians who have died and are now with Jesus in Heaven. Theyappear to be looking from Heaven, cheering for us to do whats right!

And Jesus definitely knows whats going on in our lives. After all, He is God, and God knows and sees everything, all the time! Isnt it nice to know someones looking outfor us?!