Pray Great Prayers

Have you been praying for years that a loved one would believe in Jesus Christ? Does it seem like your prayers arent doing any good? Let me encourage you today – dont give up!

Recently, a very famous man made a decision for the Lord. Im sure youve heard of him – his name was Robert “Evel” Knievel. He was a daredevil. Hed get on a motorbike and jump over anything. But Mr. Knievel was also into women, drinking, and partying.

Robert Knievel shared his conversion story with a church. He said he had refused God for 68 years, but he knew people were praying for him – especially his daughters church. Hundreds of people had also written to him, telling him about the Lord.

So prayers were going up for this guy all over, and yet it still took years for Robert to believe in Jesus Christ. But it did happen! He told the church, “I felt Jesus reach out to me, and I repented and I believed in Christ.”

A year later, Mr. Kneievel passed away. And now hes in the presence of the Lord! Romans 12:12 reminds us: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” So keep praying! Never underestimate the power of God to work through your prayers in miraculous ways!

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