Reaching Today’s Teens

A few years ago, the Barna Research organization polled a group of teenagers about their views on religion. More than half of these students said that they believed all religious faiths teach equally valid truths.

In fact, one girl said, “I believe in Darwins theory of evolution, and the possibility of God being a woman. I never believed in the story of Adam and Eve. But I do, however, believe in prayer and karma.”

A big part of what many postmoderns believe is that no one religion can have a monopoly on truth. They say that truth is whatever you choose to believe. This idea may seem intimidating to challenge. But dont despair: this up-and-coming generation is very open to religion discussion. In fact theyre intrigued by spiritual issues and eager to talk about them!

There is spiritual curiosity in the young people today and an opportunity to engage their hearts and minds. We need to be ready! Ephesians 5:15 exhorts us to “…live not as unwise, but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.”

There is no time like the present to take advantage of each and every moment to connect with this generation. Remember, you and I hold the words of Christ — words of life to a lost and confused world.

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