Convert VCD to DVD

This is actually very easy to do, and takes only a few steps. Because VCD files use an MPEG-1 format very similar to the MPEG-1 allowed by DVD, most times it’s a simple matter of extracting the MPEG-1 files and using them in a DVD authoring program.

However, please note this simple method requires cooperation with your DVD player as the sequence headers and GOP lengths of VCD are not as controlled as the ones in the DVD specification. And these MPEG-1 video nuances can vary from VCD to VCD, especially on homemade ones. This guide will require a DVD-RW or DVD+RW to test how well your player accepts the DVD made from VCD sources. If you cannot simply transfer the files, a re-encode of the footage may be required.

Why convert VCD to DVD? Before DVD burners were available or popular, many home hobbyists wanted to convert DVD to VCD, to make backup copies, often resulting in several discs per movie. With DVD burners now the de facto optical standard, people find themselves wanting to reduce the amount of discs they have. The easy solution here is that a DVD can hold several VCDs.

Would you like to convert you VCDs to DVD ? Here is a clear step by step instruction. Plese follow the link

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