The Spiritual Battle

Did you know that if youre actively sharing your faith then you are on the front-line of a battle? Its a purely spiritual battle, but its real. The weapons are real. The enemy is real. And, the battle for eternal souls is a battle that is worth fighting.

The Bible says that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil.”

What does that mean? It means our perspective is limited. We think that we struggle against things we touch and see. Instead, the Bible says that its the SPIRITUAL war were experiencing. On one side is Satan trying to turn people away from God. On the other side is God seeking to reconciling people to Himself through the cross of His son Jesus Christ.

If you follow Jesus today, you are on Gods side. God wants to use you to expand His Kingdom. But, Christians are NOT free from the battle. Christians simply know they are fighting on the winning side. (Because God already reigns victorious!)

The question is: How hard are you fighting? Are you a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness? Are you telling other people about Jesus? Are you fighting the battle for eternal souls? Its worth it!

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