Should I Be Excited About Going To Heaven? Why Bother To Think About It At All?

Have you ever gone on a vacation with your family, and your parents showed you a picture and told you where you were going and what fun things there would be to do when you got there? Finding out about where were going helps us get excited & look forward to going. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:13 We are looking forward to the new heavens and new earth He has promised But we wont really look forward to that place unless we know something about it and what we get to do when we get there, right?

So since The New Heavens and New Earth, will be your home someday, wouldnt it be a great idea to learn all you can about it now? Well the good news is that God has given us a book, called the Bible that tells us all kinds of things He wants us to know! Not only about Heaven, but about Himself and Jesus, His Son, and things we should do while were here on earth until He comes back to get us. Were going to tell you some of the things God tells us about Heaven from the Bible, including How to get to Heaven!

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