Unexpected Adventure

One day two American university students, both Christians, noticed two Chinese fellows who always seemed to stick together. The foreigners looked lonesome, so the two Christians befriended them. Eventually, both of their Chinese friends received Jesus as Lord. Only later did it come out that these two expatriates were the sons of a powerful government official in China.

The next summer, the new converts announced, “Were going home for vacation instead of staying in the States. We want to share the Good News with our family.” Hows that for unexpected adventure? The American University students didnt know of the connection between these two Chinese students and one of the most powerful men on earth. They just served faithfully and God used them. And thats all God asks of us: To simply let our light shine before men that God may be glorified [Matthew 5:16].

Now you might say, “Luis, Ive never met the children of powerful world leaders.” Dont worry! God has a special plan just for you. I promise — when you share the Good News, theres no telling what kind of adventures await you. Eternal repercussions will follow – trust Him!

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