When God says “No”

Do you believe that God hears your prayers? And if He hears them, do you believe that He answers them? This week, well look at five specific ways God answers prayer. Not just mine, but yours, too! Well take a look at a different answer each day this week.

The first is the answer we most dread. Its when God says, “No, my child, I love you too much.” Its hard when God says “no” to our heartfelt requests. Have you experienced this? I certainly have.

Take, for example, when my friend Diane started losing her hearing. When my mother-in-law came down with polio. When my father died. God said “no” to each of my requests, leaving me wrestling with the reality of His “no” answer.

In the Psalms in the Bible, many times David cries out to God to answer his prayers. But if God answers with “no,” does that mean we shouldnt bother to pray? No! Just the opposite. The Bible tells us, “to be patient in affliction” and “faithful in prayer.”

Whom do you know who may feel as though God is saying “No” to them? Be an encouragement for them. Continue to remind them of Christs unending love, even through the hard times. Tell them that even through the storms, God is there and wants to draw near.

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