Making the News

Picture your city. Can you see all the lost and hurting people? Now just imagine… What if every man, woman, and child in your city heard the Good News of Jesus Christ? What if each and every one of them responded to Jesus on the same day?

Every newspaper would take notice! Every radio station would report “the greatest revival of all time.” Every television newscast would highlight the dramatic reformation.

Its a glorious thing to imagine. But – guess what? Even then the work of evangelism would not be finished. What about the new children? What about other countries? What about the millions of people who have never heard of Jesus Christ?

In the Bible, Jesus says, “Open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” It is true. Even if every major population center around the world converted to Jesus Christ, we would still have work to do. So, we must never give up. We must continually seize every opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. You might not be able to tell your entire city about Jesus, but you can tell one person.

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